Coribase 204


CORIBASE 204 is a special product used both as prebottoming and basecoat to finish full and slightly buffed grain for lining and fine leathergood, especially
suggested in case of suffered grain where it recover the natural grain look without darkening the colour.
It shows a very natural appearance, soft touch and good scratch resistance.
It can be milled after application of nitroemulsion or waterbased PU topcoat.
It can be applied by rollercoater or by spray after dilution with water in ratio of 1:05-1:1. It can be pigmented up to a rate of 80gr/lt.
When used on lining, to reduce the water swelling, it is recommended to add crosslinker.
In case of intermediate ironing, it is suggested to apply an intermediate lacquer to promote adhesion and distension of following covering coats.

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