Politica per la Qualità

Quality Policy

Workplace Policy for Quality, Environment, Safety and Health

The Quality Management System adopted in 2002 has been integrated with the environment and safety in 2017.

Corichem srl has been in business since 1988 and has embodied as company policy, the constant updating to the times and to the evolving situations. This enabled it to expand and maintain a strong position even in difficult market conditions encountered in its history.

To involve all the staff in the Management efforts towards a continuous improvement, is a further means of collaboration inside the Company and allows, through appropriate training programs, to offer to the customer a better quality of products and services.

The Company devotes increasing energy to meet the specific needs of the single application phases of the products. It continues to research and to develop, pushing, where possible, to replace the list of products and raw materials that can be considered risky for worker’s health and for the environment, in compliance with the current legislations.

The Company policy is to intensify its efforts to make even more efficient the already taken measures of safety and of containment of the environmental impact through investments, control systems and staff training.
The objectives include primarily:

  • Assuring that our activities are in compliance with the current legislation, with Company policies and, in general, with the Company’s obligations of compliance;
  • Application, maintenance and improvement of the Integrated Management System;
  • Interventions aimed to the absence of injury of personnel through training, information and the use of operational safe tools;
  • Commitment to provide safe and healthy work conditions to prevent injuries and diseases correlated to work;
  • Commitment to promote the continuous and active consultation and participation of the employees and/or of their representatives, through periodic meetings;
  • Reduction of environmental impacts and improvement of the safety performance tending to zero injuries and zero accidents goal;
  • Achievement of the highest level of quality / competitiveness of products and services;
  • Undertake all useful activities further reducing the number and extent of complaints by customers.

The company is also committed to:

  • Monitor and supervise all processes in order to achieve their continuous improvement;
  • Establish and maintain adequate controls, audit and periodic reviews included, to assure that the principals listed in this Policy are followed;
  • Create adequate communication channels, both internal and external, to encourage the involvement of employees and all the Company’s functions, in order to acknowledge and  answer to all the requests from the local interlocutors;
  • Enhance personnel’s competencies, so that every employee may comprehend their responsibilities and may take them into account when carrying out their working activity;
  • Implement acts of awareness and information towards its suppliers and collaborators, important partners to achieve its goals;
  • Seek continuous improvement of work activities, increased profitability;
  • A higher quality of work and working environment;
  • Develop a more sustainable chemistry;
  • Control and, as a consequence, reduce the use of eventual chemical substances subjected to restrictions;
  • Make the measures of safety and containment of environmental impact used so far more efficient, through investments, control systems and personnel training;
  • Adopt, where possible, the best available techniques and plant-engineering, of control and management that grant low levels of pollutants emissions, optimization of the consumption of raw materials, products, water, energy and an adequate prevention of injuries;
  • Spread the Company policy at all levels of the organization.

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