Soletan MR

Synthetic tanninins

SOLETAN MR is a hydrolysable type vegetal tannin with the addition of antioxidants.
SOLETAN MR gives mellowing effect and promotes the fixation of the condensed tannins.
SOLETAN MR, when used blended with cathecol tannins, helps to obtain light colour, full and firm leather, giving a better light-fastness and improving the leather antioxidant effect.
SOLETAN MR can be used for the vegetal tanning and for the retanning of wet-blue hides as substitute of traditional vegetal tannins (Quebracho, Tara, Mimosa, etc.).
The use of SOLETAN MR gives leather with good handle and light and uniform colour.
The recommended percentages of use can vary from 3% to 20% depending on the type of use (tanning/retanning) and on the final wished article.
SOLETAN MR is one of the best tanning and retanning agent that can be used to reduce Chromium VI formation on the final leather, also after thermal and climatic stress.
SOLETAN MR is a natural based product, therefore it can show differences on the dye-tone of the powders from batch to batch.

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